We have built commercial partnerships across the supply chain and are eager to strike new relationships with new market participants and potential investors

supply partners

Green Lithium is working closely with leading international lithium mines, which will feed the refinery with high-grade lithium mineral ore. We are always interested to engage with new, ESG-friendly projects to explore ways we can work together to improve the battery supply chain.

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offtake partners

A core component of our strategy is partnering with the right offtake partners who are themselves committed to a clean and environmentally-friendly battery metal supply chain. We are working with offtake partners to support them in their future plans for growing healthy, vibrant UK and European battery manufacturing and EV sectors.

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prospective investors

Green Lithium is progressing through the development of key project areas that will take the refinery to ‘ready-to-build’ within the next 12 months. This is a key window for strategic investors to access a project that will play an important role in the future of mobility and we are proud to be supporting the Green Lithium team. Any parties interested in participating in upcoming funding rounds should contact Green Lithium.

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