The company will harness industry-leading process technology enabling clean, low-carbon processing of high volumes of lithium ore

There is currently no large-scale refining capability in Europe despite a significant market opportunity. Working with key strategic partners to address the need to improve the European battery-metal supply chain, Green Lithium will support the ‘net-zero’ ambitions of society to transition to the future green economy.

Green Lithium’s refinery will be a cornerstone UK green-infrastructure asset, enabling UK-based cathode, battery cell and EV manufacture, ushering in an era of decarbonisation and green jobs, and supporting long-term economic prosperity.



The project started when founders Richard Taylor and Guy Hatcher identified a critical gap in the future UK and European battery supply chain

This led them to undertake extensive work mapping hard-rock lithium resources and, in the process, gain deep understanding of the lithium mineral ecosystem. Four years later, Green Lithium has secured over £2m in funding through private investment and government grants, established a detailed programme of delivery, assembled a core project delivery team comprising 60+ in-house and third-party team members, and formed commercial partnerships with key suppliers and offtakers.


Creating a fairer, socially sustainable, net zero carbon economy

In collaboration Wood and Green Lithium will play an essential role in the mission to make ‘net zero’ a reality, together we will build not just the UK’s first lithium refinery but more importantly a fairer, socially sustainable, net-zero carbon economy.

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July 2021

Green Lithium produces first battery-grade lithium at greater than 90% yield to fuel UK electric vehicle revolution

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June 2021

UK's Green Lithium secures £1.6 million in private funding to build large-scale refinery in UK


September 2021

Green Lithium secures grant funding from UK Government automotive grant funder the Automotive Transformation Fund


January 2022

Green Lithium appoints industry executive heavy-weight Dominic Kieran as Chair of the Board